September 28, 2022



VR vs. worry, Xiaomi reveals Google Glass, hand monitoring updates

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Our weekly recap: hand monitoring entails a model new Quest demo and the cult title Myst VR. Xiaomi’s new AR glasses current as quickly as as soon as extra how far this know-how is from frequently life. And Meta releases an extensively educated AI chatbot.

VR in opposition to concern

The app oVRcome targets to help of us overcome phobias akin to concern of heights or spiders by means of the usage of VR headsets. The effectiveness of VR in treating varied anxiousness issues was beforehand demonstrated in a medical trial.

Meta Quest 2: New hand monitoring demo reveals state-of-the-art know-how

Meta’s official hand monitoring demo First Hand impressively reveals what is possible with current hand monitoring. YYou can get it with out spending a dime on the App Lab.

Myst VR will get hand monitoring substitute

Within the 90s, Myst shocked with fancy nevertheless static render graphics straight from the CD. In 2022, you’ll be capable to stand within the real-time recreation world your self and management it together with your fingers. Jan’s childhood self would possibly have thought this future story was a fairy story.

Xiaomi reveals Google Glass 3 er “Mijia”

Final December, Xiaomi confirmed a reasonably cool demo for a slim pair of data glasses as a smartphone extension. Sadly, the now unveiled information glasses “Mijia” normally usually are not virtually as fancy and solely significantly acceptable for frequently use. The micro OLED present is provided by Sony, which can also be stated to be concerned in Apple’s headset.

Xiaomi stellt neue Tech-Brille mit Sony Micro OLED vor

Assured to be an eye-catcher in frequently use: Xiaomi’s new data glasses.

Google robotic performs inside monologues & Meta releases extremely efficient chatbot

Language understanding of giant AI fashions brings advances in a number of AI areas, akin to image know-how. Two current examples:

DALL-E 2 + Sony digicam = totally different worlds

A digicam app related to DALL-E 2 generates additional AI photos to an precise subject nearly in precise time. The outcomes are spectacular in some situations. The photographer behind the mission calls this new photographic course of “wanting into parallel universes.” DALL-E 2 “goals up new variations of its photos” whereas exhibiting “a world that might have been.”

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