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Ray Kurzweil Desires to Add Your Mind to the Cloud – The New Stack

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I had no idea who Ray Kurzweil, the famed futurist, was sooner than his keynote closing out MongoDB World 2022 nevertheless I’ll all the time keep in mind him.

Kurzweil earned his tech creds throughout the Nineteen Seventies when he led enchancment of the first optical character recognition system that will study plenty of fonts, groundbreaking work lastly purchased to Xerox. Within the Nineteen Eighties, after a gathering with Stevie Marvel, he pioneered a synthesizer that will mimic precise gadgets. However he’s most well-known within the current day for coining the idea of “the singularity,” a time throughout the supposed near future the place machine intelligence will surpass all human intelligence, due to the exponentially accelerated improvement of know-how.

A lot of the keynote was informative. To be truthful, I’ll share plenty of the positives first. He spoke of simulated biology and the best way simulating the human physique aided in fast monitoring the Moderna vaccine. He moreover talked about protein folding and DeepMind can view the linear sequence primarily based of amino acids based mostly totally on its DNA in a straight line along with bend the fold of this proteins. As predictions might be made, new prescription drugs might be created. All good.

He moreover spoke on nanotechnology. That is when nanorobots, robots the size of cells, enter the physique and perform the capabilities of loads of the necessary organs apart from the heart and thoughts. Kurzweil outlined that every one organs apart from the heart and thoughts primarily, “put issues into the blood or take them out.” The lungs as an example put in oxygen and take out carbon dioxide.

“We’ll be funnier, sexier, smarter, and extra inventive.” — Ray Kurzweil on the benefits of nanotechnology.

And what regarding the thoughts it’s doable you’ll be asking? Nicely, have you ever ever ever had too many devices in your palms and thought, aw geez if solely I could implant one in all these into my thoughts? That is the place chances are you’ll determine if we’re going to stay collectively or have a distinction of opinion. I, any individual who’s actively engaged on limiting my cellphone time, in no way thought, let me merge my thoughts with the cloud. However, from the amount of applause throughout the auditorium, I was probably alone in that opinion.

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Ray Kurzweil wishes to merge his thoughts with the cloud. He talked about of his cellphone, “However it’s a bit of clunky, you possibly can’t fairly cope with it in addition to you possibly can cope with your mind. In the end we’ll go immediately from our mind to the cloud. And finally it should present rather more functionality than our mind does by itself. Most of will probably be taken over by the cloud.”

And that may be one different means to utilize nanotechnology. Kurzweil, then letting us know of his personal wants, explains, “We’ll be funnier, sexier, smarter, and extra inventive.”

Nicely, this may go one in all two strategies. Both this thoughts/cloud state of affairs may be a particularly useful superpower, or it may presumably be merely one different farming machine for information mining and advert product sales. My take: If it’s a useful superpower then it gained’t be given to the general public. Superpower for the rich. Farming machine for the widespread people.

And thanks very loads nevertheless I’m farmed ample. My Hinge updates don’t have to be despatched to my cerebellum. I can’t discuss taking a go to to Costa Rica with out flights popping up on my cellphone.

I’m grateful for the strategies know-how has touched my life nevertheless let me remind people regarding the Flo app. It is a interval and fertility monitoring app that settled with the FTC in Might for selling its prospects’ personal properly being information with out their info.

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Whereas there are positively huge potential advances that might presumably be made out of thoughts/cloud merges, I can solely take into account social media companies which may be designed to addict us, with a minimal of one in all these apps throughout the present earlier monitoring our eye actions to see what we favored so we may presumably be coaxed to spend additional time using it. It’s not all harmful nevertheless I’m not attempting to plug in with out finish. And I don’t perception these companies to do good.


I really feel one factor that causes primarily probably the most alarm for me is how out-of-touch Kurzweil is with society at big. For any individual who calls himself a futurist, he lives in a very slender present. Then as soon as extra, people along with his web value usually do. It was his regular outlook on the state of affairs that was most concerning.

If I needed extra proof that him being behind the occasions, it received right here on this assertion, “Persons are pessimistic in regards to the future. They don’t need to carry children into the world as a result of they see it as worse than ever earlier than. That has to do with the character of human response. That isn’t actuality. Individuals suppose issues are getting worse however they’re really getting higher.”  He goes on to say one issue we do agree on about how the 24-hour info cycle is pretty harmful on the spirit.

I agree. However that isn’t why people assume points are horrible. It’s because of points are horrible.

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His proof for points getting greater received right here on this assertion, “24,000 individuals had been requested have excessive poverty gotten higher or worse 70% stated it received worse. 70% thought it received worse. 1% thought it decreased. And the fact is that it decreased by 50%.”

That was really irritating to hearken to from an individual worth $30 million {{dollars}} who shouldn’t be licensed to speak on such factors and should have merely continued talking about inserting telephones in brains.

The US Poverty Guideline in 2022 is $13,590 for a single specific individual and gallon of gas is north of $5. If these numbers are going to be arbitrarily low and by no means exactly mirror what exact poverty is then these statistics don’t matter. And people who rich know that. It’s gaslighting.

I don’t assume I’ll be despatched to a distinct Ray Kurzweil converse. And I’m not going to merge my thoughts with the cloud. If I’m nonetheless spherical when people start doing that, I’d be centered on seeing if this superpower can be utilized for information mining the tons, or to power superpowers for the already ultra-wealthy.

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