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Nick Kiefer’s Exs & Ohs Collection is Distinctive and Freaky!

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“Not going to lie; they scared the shit out of me. I knew we had been onto one thing,” says portrait photographer Nick Kiefer. He’s referring to the images from his enterprise Exs & Ohs, which contains a sequence of freaky portraits of his shut buddy and ingenious muse, Pete Carter. The photographs won’t be for the fainthearted. Nevertheless, those who have a penchant for the darkish facet of images should undoubtedly protect finding out.

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I obtained right here all through Nick Kiefer by means of Twitter. Having a late-night scroll, feeling uninspired by the mounted stream of cliche footage, out of the blue I was dropped at a halt. “What the hell is that this?” I requested. In entrance of my drained eyes was a sequence of portraits that tapped into the eccentric part of my psyche. All of the sudden aware, I grew to develop into misplaced in a set of photographs I’m certain I hadn’t seen one thing like sooner than. That assortment was Exs & Ohs, by Kiefer.

Almost equally as intriguing was how Kiefer was presenting Exs & Ohs. Sure, I found it on Twitter, nevertheless the hyperlink took me to a world I was unfamiliar with; it took me to a VR gallery.

I don’t have the {{hardware}} to view Exs & Ohs throughout the technique Kiefer supposed. I do, however, have an abundance of curiosity that propels me to ask questions. I’m joyful to say Kiefer agreed to answer them.

Gear Utilized by Nick Kiefer

Phoblographer: Please inform us the way in which you fell into portrait footage.

Nick Kiefer: My portrait taking footage started throughout the late 90s with punk bands. Via music, every photographing and participating in, I’ve always been able to protect a circle of buddies which may be merely fantastic artists. Musicians, performers, dancers, drag queens, I’m merely fascinated by all of them. The metropolis I reside in, Asbury Park, is a hub for all these creatives. There was a studio downtown being almost unused – the proprietor preferred my work, we hit it off, and he merely type of lets me use the studio after hours for the sake of paintings and creating. To these days, I invite artists in to make portraits, and additional so, to easily let go and have a wonderful time.

Phoblographer: How do you uncover inspiration for a specific theme or thought?

Nick Kiefer: You may ask me this question 50 events, and get 50 completely completely different options. I uncover inspiration all over the place, every day. Speaking to buddies, random movie scenes, a observe lyric, merely strolling throughout the metropolis, certain fonts encourage me. I can go on and on.

Phoblographer: Discuss to us about Exs & Ohs. How did that idea materialize?

Nick Kiefer: So that you can understand how this idea materializes, it’s essential to understand who my matter Pete Carter, is. Pete and I’ve an unimaginable relationship. Each time we put together a shoot there’s no need to talk about ideas. We merely set a time and place. I don’t have to know what’s in his head. I don’t even know if he’s conscious of. Pete reveals up with a treasure chest of clothes. I’ll prepare my lights and run quite a lot of checks with the assistant. Each on occasion, I’ll look over at Pete rummaging by means of his wardrobe trunk, whereas frantically doing his make-up. He works in absolute chaos, nevertheless this boy is alive and firing. I’ll usually yell over to him, “Pete, ought to we shoot this on the black or white backdrop?”… It’s always black, I don’t even know why I ask.

This was the first time various kinds of adhesive tape had been launched. When he’s ready, we cue the music. And we’re off. It’s explosive. This shoot was a two-song effectivity. One observe we shot shut up. The completely different was a full-body shot.

Generally I neglect how disturbing a number of of those photographs are. The disfigurement of his face. The textures. The strain in his neck. That’s all precise. Pete always affords his all. I’m firing away. I’m seeing these freeze frames happen.

There aren’t any re-dos, or, wait, try that when extra. There’s no flip to the left. That is Pete merely serving me all of the items he’s purchased. Ripping shit off his face, gasping for air, and freaking out — nevertheless he’s on beat. Pete Carter is a world class dancer and effectivity artist. This thought is just the outcomes of two people with various perception and respect for each other

Phoblographer: Let’s say you’re not the photographer, nevertheless as an alternative you’re the viewer. How do you suppose you’d interpret this sequence?

Nick Kiefer: Truthfully, they’d freak me out. They do freak me out. The place’s his nostril?

Phoblographer: From the photographer’s perspective, what message had been you aiming to ship with the sequence?

Nick Kiefer: Whoever you may be. Personal it. The photographs are disturbing, nevertheless the photographs have an plain magnificence. They’ve an vitality that retains me going once more.

Phoblographer: How prolonged did it take to shoot the sequence and the way in which do you’re feeling regarding the finish outcome?

Nick Kiefer: It’s possible you’ll say this sequence took about quarter-hour to shoot. Im going to say it took about 15 years of working with Pete. As quite a bit as this shoot nonetheless does make me uncomfortable, I do prefer it. The photographs are literally distinctive.

Phoblographer: You turned Exs & Ohs proper right into a VR gallery. Are you able to inform us additional about that?

Nick Kiefer: I’ve been really intrigued by VR galleries since I’ve entered the NFT home. I imagine it’s an efficient option to showcase your work for collectors.

Phoblographer: How has most people obtained the VR gallery?

Nick Kiefer: If by most people, you suggest my Twitter followers, people have seen it, shared it, clicked the hyperlinks, checked out the NFTs of their market. It’s been a dialog starter for sure. To this point, so good.

Phoblographer: You moreover had a bodily exhibition. How do digital and real-world exhibitions consider? Which gave you primarily essentially the most satisfaction?

Nick Kiefer: You may’t really consider a real-world exhibition to a VR gallery. The opening evening time of my bodily solo current was an excellent evening time in my life. I frolicked with family, buddies, and the locals obtained right here out. We talked regarding the images on the wall all evening time. It was a extreme extreme.

VR, NFTs, Twitter (areas) – this isn’t about one massive evening time. It’s 1,000,000 small moments and conversations unfold out over months, with people from across the globe talking about paintings, life, and all of the items in between. It’s pretty fantastic.

Phoblographer: Lastly, what’s subsequent for you regarding duties and footage focus?

Nick Kiefer: I’m always engaged on duties, collections, and reserving shoots. However I’ve started a model new assortment that has a heavy cope with the city of Asbury Park, NJ the place I’ve lived for the ultimate decade. That’s all I can say about it correct now. However I haven’t been this excited in a really very long time.

You may research additional about Nick by visiting his web site, Instagram and Twitter.

All photographs by Nick Kiefer. Used with permission.


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